Our Leads

Our leads are more highly qualified than your average franchise sales leads. In fact, they are so much better than the average lead that we don’t even call them leads. We call our franchise sales leads franchise candidates, because that’s what we give you.

Here are some reasons our franchise candidates are better than the other guys:

Franchise Broker Leads Call-Verifies All Our Candidates.

We believe that you should spend your valuable time matching franchisors to franchisees, not sorting through unqualified sales leads to find potential candidates. Franchise Broker Leads qualifies each lead we send you before you even lay eyes on them. Our team of professionals contacts each individual on the phone. During this phone call, our team will verbally confirm their financial resources, their specific category of interest for franchise ownership, and their desired location of operation. Only after we have call-verified our candidates do we send them on to our clients.

We Offer GEO Targeting at No Additional Charge.

You have clients with open territories in certain geographic areas. Your job is to fill those areas with highly qualified candidates that want to own a franchise. You need geographically specific leads sorted for you so you can match them to your client’s open territory. Franchise Broker Leads will not only GEO Target your candidates by specific states, counties, or zip codes, but we also offer that service at no additional charge.

We Match Candidates to Your Specific Criteria.

Before Franchise Broker Leads sends you any franchise candidates, we get a good understanding of your clients’ minimum liquid capital requirements, minimum net worth level, and desired geographic location. Then, using this information as our guide, we call-verify our leads, forwarding on only the candidates who meet or exceed these requirements. If they don’t meet the minimum or have the wrong zip code, we do not forward them nor are you charged for the lead.

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