About Us

Franchise Broker Leads believes that our success is directly tied to your success. Working together with brokers, we find the candidates for you so all you have to do is match it to one of your client’s offerings and close the business. We do this with our proprietary technology and our unique qualifying process that sets the industry standard for what is possible in the field of franchise sales lead generation.

Natalie Nutter, our founder and chief innovator, knows what it is like to do business in the franchise-consulting arena. As a consultant herself nearly ten years ago, she too was frustrated with the quality of leads she was provided and expected to turn into gold for her clients. She knew that there had to be better way and decided she was the one to find it.

Natalie has never been afraid of a challenge or to do something that wasn’t considered “normal.” She was one of ten women total her year to graduate in from Purdue’s Mechanical Engineering department. She took her degree in Mechanical Engineering and spent the next 15 years using it in the field of mechanical automation design. Once she had helped her company Rasna Corporation achieve national recognition as #3 in Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies, she was instrumental in their sale to another company for $500 Million.

She decided to apply the principles of mechanical automation to business automation. So she joined a start-up software company called Blue Martini Software. Using her experience in mechanical automation as a foundation for her work in software development, she and her team were able to successfully take Blue Martini public in just two years with a $400 Billion peak market cap.

Following this success, Natalie tried her hand at franchise consulting in the early 2000s. She quickly discovered that she spent an inordinate amount of her time qualifying the leads she received from the portals than she did speaking to actual people about the franchise opportunities that she had available. She decided to do something about it and began generating her own leads in her own way.

The new leads were working. Soon, Natalie’s colleagues approached her to find them leads as well. As the word spread and the demand grew, Natalie knew that she had a formula for success. She founded her first franchise sales lead generating firm.

Natalie’s drive to succeed, her base of knowledge on wide variety of business models, and her ability to look at things in a whole new way has served her well. She brings these principles to her company Franchise Broker Leads. With Natalie at our helm we look forward to continuing to sail unchartered waters to find ways to set the standard for what is normal in franchise sales lead generation.

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